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AppleInsider: no G4 in San Francisco

AppleInsider: no G4 in San Francisco logomacitynet1200wide 1

What Steve Jobs will present in San Francisco one of the favorite divination exercises of Mac sites. Many, almost everyone, thinks that a new PowerBook will arrive, others believe that the CEO will be forced to invent something to renew the G4 line too. the future of the desktop line, however, bears the greatest uncertainties and this for the parallel doubts on the possibility that Motorola can deliver, after almost a year and a half since its presentation, a new version of G4. Yesterday an article by AppleInsider Appleinsider who raises serious doubts precisely that Motorola is able to deliver a Voyager (V'gear), the evolution capable of making Apple make a qualitative leap in terms of MHz. According to the site dedicated to rumors in fact Motorola not even this time would it be able to supply processors in quantities to satisfy Apple's request which would be forced to resort to PowerPC 7410, a chip intended to be In fact, V'ger, the very important upgrade to the current release of the PPC 7400, which will show off a double Altivec unit and numerous improvements in terms of energy consumption, is slipped, on the floors. of Motorola, in early June.V'ger should then be followed by Apollo, a version on which Apple – but always according to rumors – should build the first Quadriprocessor PowerMac, but this may be science fiction for now.We remember that other sites believe instead of Apple it may also have other options to renew the G4 range. One could be the modification of the motherboard with an increase in bus speed and other significant improvements while leaving the processor unchanged. A second could be the presentation of an anticipation, with a demonstration of a new machine that will be available after a few weeks. But the latter hypothesis could only materialize if the warehouse levels of the current G4 have been disposed of. (By Enrico Querci)

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