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Apple: no plants in Brazil for now

Apple: no plants in Brazil for now logomacitynet1200wide 1

First a denial, then a confirmation and now a new denial. The end result that today no one really able to say for sure whether the new assembly plant for G4 that Apple should build in Brazil will be done or not. they had admitted, with very explicit declarations from the general manager of Apple Brazil, Marinaldo Azevedo, that the plant would actually be built. Possible places of construction were also investigated, although Azevedo admitted that no predictions could be made as to when the plant would be able to operate. No way. Yesterday Azevedo retraced his steps and said that the answer he had given in the context of an interview was the result of a misunderstanding. "We only said that we are thinking about it, but not that we have started the procedures to build it – they say to Apple Brazil – for now there is still nothing concrete. In the future, if there is a possibility that such a structure could fit into our plans, we will give all the necessary information. But now it's not the case ?MacNews Brasil has taken note of the denial, but has not published a correction to its claims. It simply warns with a note that it was Apple who misunderstood the question and answered it incompletely.

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