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Apple, lawsuit for the clickwheel

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New lawsuit against Apple. To quote the Cupertino company this time Quantum Research Group, a British company that operates in the field of chips for touch-sensitive control systems. In the Quantum viewfinder, the iPod clickwheel that uses Cypress's Psoc (Programmable System on Chip) chip implemented in such a way as to infringe its patents.

According to Quantum, the lawsuit against Apple dates back to December 2005 but was made known only today after some failed mediation attempts. The potential patent infringement does not concern the touchwheels produced by Synaptics

The CEO of the British company Hai Phillip in some statements released to the local press also expressed the hope "that the iPhone does not use Quantum patented technologies". According to Phillip, the launch of the Apple mobile phone, in any case, will cause a growth in interest in touch-sensitive systems.

The process, if no mediation arrives to resolve the matter, should be investigated within the year.

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