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Apple and nVidia, still rumors

Apple and nVidia, still rumors logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacOS Rumors has earned the headlines, after years of at least imaginative reports, for having hit the Cube forecast in New York; now back to the office with new rumors, which point to nVidia.According to the American site, in fact, the nVidia cards would have been tested with all current Apple machines and will probably be installed directly on the new laptops, despite the energy consumption of the Mobile cards of the series GeForce is significantly higher than that of the ATI; according to MacOs Rumors, nVidia cards could also be installed on G4 desktop machines. So far what the site reports, probably for, although nVidia is really very close to Apple and probably an OEM agreement already in place for a long time, we can hardly see GeForce cards on G4 machines, those who take a G4 will probably need video cards more similar to ATI's Radeon than to nVidia's GeForce, which vice versa could be a good choice on laptops, and an excellent solution for consumer machines such as iMac. Retail cards for G4 branded nVidia could, for, really debut in San Francisco, maybe in AGP version, after all 3dfx had long since announced the Voodoo5 AGP; after the acquisition of 3dfx by nVidia, and evaluating the OEM agreements between nVidia and Apple, the presentation of an AGP card for the G4 series could not be unlikely. After all, the first problem with Voodoo AGP was decoding to read DVDs, a problem that nVidia must have solved to supply OEM chipsets to Apple … What will happen? We will know soon.

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