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Apple 2000, for ZDNet a year to forget

Apple's 2000, a year to forget for ZDNet logomacitynet1200wide 1

Delay in MacOs X and the failure to renew the hardware are at the root of Apple's difficult year. Matthew Rothemberg and Daniel Drew Turner's analysis. that in an article published in recent days on ZDNet made a backwards overview of the Cupertino company in 2000. In first place the two journalists indicate, in fact, the goals missed by MacOs X. Expected for the WWDC of May, then postponed to the In the summer, the new OS manifested itself in the guise of a beta that has thrilled and interested several hundred thousand users scattered in the four corners of the world. The non-presentation of the final version has affected the possibility that a new OS could stimulate the sales of new hardware and has given even more freedom to Windows 2000 and the growth of Linux.Ben more worrying and incisive was the cancellation of any significant upgrading hardware. Motorola has not been able to deliver faster chips than those released at the end of 1999 for the whole of 2000 and Apple has had to run for cover with multiprocessor versions that have very few benefits for those who use MacOs 9. Finally, the biggest failure was the Cube. Despite the appreciation from the press specialized in computer science and design, the Cube remained well below the expected sales due to a non-competitive price and some manufacturing defects in the case. All this added up, or was the cause, of a year very difficult on Wall Street with the precipitous descent of the share prices of AAPL which has lost more than 70% of its value. In short, 2000 which has been a year all to forget for Apple. The hope that next Tuesday's keynote, with which, in addition to the MacWorld Expo will also open in 2001, will bring 12 happier months as a gift

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