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AKG K27i, foldable headphones for iPod


For those who remain tied to traditional headphones and convinced that the earphones cannot give the same sound experience, we recommend the K27i, AKG headphones for iPod.

With elegant but classic lines, the AKG accessory is predominantly white in color, perfectly in line with the more classic tonality of an iPod. It is equipped with two good sized ear pads (covered in soft material), able to perfectly adapt to the ears. The adjustable external headband will allow you to adjust its length according to the size of the garment.

The technical specifications are also very promising: very wide audio band, between 11 Hz and 28.5 Khz and sensitivity of 126 dB. The weight of 73 grams, while the connection cable measures 150 centimeters. It is a double cable complete with a knot-loosening sliding ring, on which a comfortable volume regulator is also connected.

Characteristic of the headphones are the 3D Axis joints between the headband and the pavilions, which allow you to fold them over themselves and easily insert them in the leather case supplied in the package. It is thus also easier to carry the gadget through the use of the case.

The cable connector is the classic 3.5 mm, although an adapter is included in the package and can also be used with 6.3 mm connectors (* ?). The K27i are compatible with any iPod model and with other mp3 players or devices equipped with a 3.5mm (or 6.3mm) jack.

The retail price of 48.60 Euros. AKG products are distributed in Italy by Attiva, A&DT and Kenwood Italia.