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Yamaha embraces the FireWire standard

Yamaha embraces the FireWire standard logomacitynet1200wide 1

This time it's Yamaha's turn, and its mLan technology, to join the FireWire standard. mLan a standard proposed by Yamaha for the interchange of audio and musical data in digital quality between different audio devices and based precisely on the IEEE 1394 standard, better known to us as FireWire.Thanks to this new standard, Yamaha's audio and musical devices and third parties, to whom technology licensing will be granted, will be able to communicate with each other with speed, all the digital quality necessary and with extreme simplicity of wiring. mLan, in fact, will allow audio signals to travel between multiple devices connected on the same bus, without the need for a direct connection; moreover, thanks to the adoption of FireWire, mLAN devices will be able to communicate directly with computers equipped with firewire ports and the appropriate software, as well as making it possible to make a computer compatible with the standard simply by equipping it with a FireWire card and the right software. of licensing will offer very interesting opportunities to licensees, including the possibility of accessing Yamaha technologies, and has been conceived in such a way as to be particularly generous, only in this way will the migration to the new standard be actually rapid. In any case Yamaha has already different products ready to take advantage of new technologies, including a synthesizer and a digital mixer, when will we see them connected via FireWire to a Mac?

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