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Xbox 360: Update 14699, XGD3, LT + 3.0

Let's talk (with a slight delay) about the release of the new one Dashboard for Xbox 360, version 14699 which brings with it graphical renovations and unpleasant news for those interested in using their own Backup copies with the console Microsoft.

The references to the interface "Meter" of the future Windows 8 and of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, appear evident; just look at some screenshots to understand in which direction this "restyle" of the Xbox 360 Dashboard is moving.

There Dashboard 14699 looks like an elegant screen with all the contents reachable at a glance. The categories Games, Social, TV, Music, Apps, etc. they are organized in a horizontal bar and each shows all the subsections you can access, without the need to scroll between pages or tabs. Each element, essentially represented by a "square" or "rectangle", characterized by a dynamic image that updates according to the content available inside.

A greater emphasis has been given to the peripheral Kinect; You can control the menus, as well as with gestures and hand movements, even with voice commands, so you can move through the various sections, download music and videos or search with Bing (not on the internet, but always within the xbox ecosystem).

Another novelty represented by Apps, which transform the console into something more than a gaming device, offering online services, such as VEVO, Hulu, Netflix (at least in the United States). The intention is clearly to make Xbox 360 a complete platform for Home Entertaining and not just a game console.

We come to the latest newshidden". This update has the sadly famous dae.bin for AP2.5 controls on all games in format XGD3, to whom not just drop one patch through the software abgx360. The controls depend solely on the single and specific console. Not possible (for the moment) to perform backup copies of games that have AP2.5 controls with this Dashboard (XGD3 and other precedents).

The definitive solution will come with the ixtreme LT + 3.0 firmware, announced by C4E (which has always worked on firmware ixtreme) and currently being tested. The ixtreme LT + 3.0 firmware will take care of bypass completely i AP2.5 controls (nothing more patch of the ISO, flagged consoles, etc). Arrive first for console readers Xbox 360 Fat and later also for the Xbox 360 Slim.

I take this opportunity to take stock of the situation (on 14/12/2011) on the firmware ixtreme LT + currently available and ISO in format XGD3.

– it is not possible to go back to a version of the previous dashboard

– the original copies of the games are not affected by any problems and will continue to function regularly (even the XGD3 ones)

– if you want to continue playing with backup copies of XGD3 games on the Dashboard previous to 14699, you must necessarily abandon the possibility of going online on Xbox Live (otherwise you will be forced to update).

– copies made with the "truncate" method (explained in the article burn xbox 360 games) work on previous versions of the Dashboard and with ixtreme LT + 2.0 firmware (provided not you have the silent update of the dae.bin). Games that have integrity checks (CIV), must be burned by force of things (reaching a 100% copy of the ISO) with writers with iXtreme Burner MAX firmware.

– try to start a game, even only once XGD3 on this Dashboard, it involves the flag of the console. very likely that a flagged console will be forever excluded from online gaming on Xbox Live in the near future.

– a possible solution in reality exists and consists in the use of a console Xbox 360 (Fat or Slim) with a modified Dashboard, using an exploit called Reset Glitch Hack (or the old man JTAG) or a peripheral that interfaces to the port SATA of the reader DVD (for example x360key). We haven't talked about GiardiniBlog yet, as the first solution (RGH), requires some skill with soldering and console hardware and the second has an additional cost (the cost of the peripheral). Both solutions are risky for Xbox Live (meaning that the console is easily identified as "modified"). In the future you will find guides and articles about it.

The Xbox 360 page has also been updated: Tutorials and Downloads which contains the latest ixtreme firmware and the links to the most used guides.