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Xbox 360: New Dashboard and new DVD format …

Microsoft started testing a new one Dashboard for Xbox 360 which provides for the introduction of a new format for games in DVD, called XGD3 (Xbox Game Data 3). The update will be released in preview to beta tester enrolled in the program preview through Connect who will receive a copy of Halo Reach for free (for US residents only).

xbox 360 XGD3

Currently, the format for DVDs used XGD2, which provides for the use of a Dual Layer and of 6.8GB of space (fixed for all games). With the introduction of the new format, it will be possible for developers to use up to 7.8 GB of space (always on Dual Layer), thus gaining approx 1GB of disk space.

The introduction of XGD3 , once again, a move to fight the piracy and plan for the introduction of new AP controls, new integrity checks and other security systems that it seems that the developers themselves will be able to check.

The new discs will be compatible with all consoles Xbox 360, past and future. It is not yet clear whether it will be possible backup copies with normal burners Dual Layer.

The update planned for end of April, Start May and natural to expect the format XGD3 in games coming out of May on. Continue to follow us for further developments and news on the Xbox 360 front.

UPDATE: The new update will begin to be distributed in multiple updates starting from May 19th! No backup copy seems to work with the latter Dashboard. A further firmware update is required ixtreme LT + to the version 2.0 with AI support XGD3 discs (for now scheduled for Xbox Slim 0224).

UPDATE 2: The LT + 1.9 version has been released which supports the latest original firmware written with the Dashboard 13146. For more info, read the new post Firmware ixtreme LT + 1.9