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Xbox 360: ixtreme LT + 3.0 Firmware Download Xbox SLIM

A few days ago the download for the new firmware has been available ixtreme LT + 3.0 also for Xbox 360 Slim!


Supported versions of readers DVD of the version slim of the home console Microsoft, are the LiteOn 0272 / 0225 / 0401 / 1071

For the moment, versions of the console equipped with a player are excluded LiteOn 1175.

The functions of the new firmware concern data support topological for titles AP2.5 (games in format XGD3 included) to allow the start of their own backup copies.

It is necessary to have updated theXbox last Dashboard 14699 version available. All ISO they must be checked and patched with the new version of abgx360 and, in the case of XGD3 games, preferably mastered with a PC burner updated to the firmware ixtreme burner MAX.

Download ixtreme LT + 3.0 Xbox Slim 0272/0225/0401/1071

In conjunction with the release of the firmware, the new version of JungleFlasher to properly use this latest release of ixtreme.

Download JungleFlasher 1.92

I remind you that the firmware ixtreme LT + 3.0 previously released for the Xbox 360 FAT with readers Benq is LiteOn. DVD playersSamsung and the first versions of Hitachi, ignore the AP2.5 controls and do not require updating to ixtreme LT + 3.0 (the latest version available 2:01 for Samsung is 2.0 for Hitachi) to start backup copies.

The firmware is still being worked on ixtreme LT + 3.0 for readers Hitachi 78/79 (latest versions of Hitachi with support for controls AP2.5).

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