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Xbox 360: ixtreme LT + 2.0 firmware for Xbox SLIM

The new firmware has been released ixtreme LT + 2.0 also for consoles Xbox 360 SLIM.

Ixtreme lt 2 0 slim

Firmware designed to upload backup copies to Xbox 360.

The news are listed in changelog:

Support for ixtreme XGD3 backups using LT-MAX to take advantage of maximum capacity on standard DVD + R Dual Layer discs. Includes security checks for XGD3 format

I remind you to use this firmware only if you have the Dashboard 13599 (or the previous one 13146). If not, you need to update (perhaps by restoring the original firmware of the DVD player if you already had a modified player).

Supported readers are i LiteOn:


abgx360 for ISO verification, still does not support images ISO in format XGD3. We will inform you when and if an updated version of the program is released.

As usual, the updated version of JungleFlasher 1.89. You can always find the latest updates on the Xbox 360 Tutorials and Downloads page.

Download ixtreme LT + 2.0 (for LiteOn Xbox 360 SLIM)

Download JungleFlasher 1.89