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Xbox 360: ixtreme LT + 1.9 firmware for Xbox FAT

The new firmware has been released ixtreme LT + 1.9 to load the backup copies up Xbox 360 (model only FAT currently also available for Slim model).

ixtreme LT + 1.9

The new firmware ixtreme LT + 1.9 based on new firmware original written on DVD players during the console update to the Dashboard 13146. The LT + version 1.9 (and not 2.0) because it supports all recent firmware changes, less than support for the new XGD3 format that we told you about in the past.

The update to Dashboard 13146 (and subsequent) causes the writing of the new firmware, with a different abbreviation from the "stock" ones present in the console; the firmware will be identified as follows:

  • LiteOn DG-16D2S (all versions), the new firmware will be 02510C
  • Benq VAD6038 : 04421C
  • Samsung MS28, MS25 : same versions, only minor changes.

All the games AP2.5 (AC: B, Fable 3, NFS: HP, Halo Reach, COD: BO, COD: MW2) will have to be again patched and mastered to work properly with the new Dashboard. Currently patches are not available and, as always, will be distributed through the abgx360 software.

A public method will be released to allow everyone to create AP2.5 patches (this way, games too PAL Italians will finally have the corresponding patch).

We recommend, before to upgrade to the version ixtreme LT + 1.9, to perform a firmware reset original (mandatory in the case of readers Samsung!). During the update, in fact, it is likely that the player will be identified as modified (therefore not safe for online play on Xbox Live).

You can proceed to update / modify with the usual procedures and using the latest version of JungleFlasher.

Download ixtreme LT + 1.9

Download JungleFlasher 1.84

You will find the latest downloads on the Xbox 360 page: Tutorials and Downloads.

Versions will follow this release LT + for readers of Xbox 360 Slim.Update: LT + 1.9 firmware for Xbox 360 Slim available