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Xbox 360: Dashboard 13599 available [AGGIORNATO]

A new one has been released aggiornamento13599 for the Dashboard of Xbox 360, mandatory for those who want to connect online to play on Xbox Live.

dashboard 13599The update to Dashboard 13599 does not add any new features but according to Microsoft, prepare the console for future updates that will arrive later this year.

CAUTION! It is possible to modify the consoles Xbox 360 with the Dashboard 13599 (for now only FAT). Read here -> iXtreme LT + 2.0 Firmware (CONSOLE FAT) Download

If you have a console with ixtreme LT + firmware and don't play on Live, the update recommended, at least until it becomes mandatory and included in the latest titles out. The update, NOT rewrites new firmware self the Dashboard from which version 13146 starts. Otherwise, all the changes (firmware rewriting) already foreseen with the previous Dashboard will be applied.

There Dashboard 13599 expected new controls AP2.5; all the 6 titles AP2.5 (AC: B, COD: BO, COD: MW2, Halo Reach, NFS: HP, Fable3) will require to be burned again with the patches that will be made available on abgx360.

The true novelty consists in the introduction of block writing to firmware of the Xbox Slim for readers 9504 (which from the version of the Dashboard 13146 have the firmware 0272).

The Xbox 360 Slim with Dashboard 13599, reader LiteOn and firmware 9504/0272, 0225 is 0401 require one for the time being hardware solution to have the possibility to write the firmware ixtreme LT +.

For the Xbox 360 Fat, what is written in Firmware ixtreme LT + 1.9 and Dashboard 13146 remains valid.

If you have a modified reader and want to update theDashboard, always recommended bring back the firmware the reader to its version original (stock) to avoid possible malfunctions and avoid the risk of being banned (excluded) from online gaming on Xbox Live.

A method of writing the firmware appears to be in preparation ixtreme LT + even on Xbox 360 Slim with a completely software solution (or that does not require in any case additional kits, PCBs or hardware). Keep following us for further developments.