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Xbox 360: abgx360 1.0.6 Download available

Finally, after being announced for a long time, the new version of abgx360!

The software in question, indispensable for those who use backup copies with xbox 360. Let's see together the news introduced with this version.

You will find the latest version of abgx360 at the link:

What's New introduced:

  • ISO support in XGD3 format
  • Replaced the sector ap25ss with topological data (make sure you have ixtreme LT + 3.0 or firmware following
  • Added "Min Kernel Required"When checking an XEX file indicating the minimum version of the Dashboard required to start the game.
  • Improvements for the AutoUpload function (used by uploaders) to make sure that the files in the database have accurate angular measurements.
  • Added ??speed? option to set the speed of the player when checking a DVD mastered.
  • Added ??showsstable? option for when you intend to see SS sector data but prefer to have low or medium level output anyway.
  • Added additional manufacturer and bus type information when viewing the name of the optical drives (bus type shown on Windows only).
  • Updated error code lists for optical drives.
  • Updated definitions for game rankings
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to resume writing when rebuilding a ISO using the "low disk space" method.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Unknown Media: 0x00000000" to be displayed with a "Secure Virtual Optical Drive" flag set.
  • Removed message regarding corner 359. Fix always possible for those with ixtreme minor than version 1.4 (truly obsolete).
  • Removed the ability to extract the entire video partition (253 MB). It makes no sense for games in XGD3 format (useless even for XGD2). It was only needed for very old backup methods.

It is important to note that the GUI (the graphical interface), still shows "abgx360 1.0.2", But the actual version obviously the 1.0.6. The new version of the is being prepared GUI for 1.0.6.

For others info, consult the official page by abgx360 (no longer available).

You will soon find i tutorial updated for the use of this version and for the verification / patch of the ISO in format XGD3. In short: just feed the ISO to abgx360 who will take care of entering the topological data and preparing the image for burning.