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Will the iPhone be from Softbank in Japan?

Will the iPhone be Softbank's in Japan? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will Softbank be Apple's partner for the distribution and sale of iPhones in Japan? The indiscretion emerges from some reports that come from the country of the Rising Sun where the cell phone operator has just announced that it is close to announcing a device capable of challenging the multimedia devices of the competition.

The cell phone in question would be none other than the iPhone according to some sources who note several suspicious coincidences starting from the fact that Masayoshi Son, the billionaire CEO of Softbank and personal friend of Jobs, was in the front row at the Steve Jobs keynote at San Francisco to finish with the cell phone features. Rumors of a collaboration between Softbank and Apple had surfaced last spring. At the time there was talk of a hybrid between an iPod and a mobile phone with 3G connectivity that would arrive on the Japanese market in late 2006. The carrier had strongly denied the indiscretion branding it as 'pure speculation', but this had not prevented the main world media to take it back and act as a sounding board for it.

The suspicion that arises in observers that if the pact between Softbank, once known mainly as an Internet operator but now, thanks to the purchase of the Japanese branch of Vodafone, the third Japanese telephone operator behind the world giant NTT DoCoMo and KDI, should go I bring the local iPhone would be different from the one presented in the US. In Japan, the network other than the American one plus there are already several services for downloading music directly from the telephone lines, things that the iPhone announced in San Francisco does not do. Softbank could therefore be incentivized to distribute a new version of the phone with these features.

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