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Voyager, the app that turns LinkedIn into a social network

The professional social network restarts from Voyager: few functions, but well done

(photo: linkedin screen)

LinkedIn is about to change the air, or rather, it's about to change its users. The application of the most famous professional social network in the world undergoes a restructuring that seems to be the most important so far. It will be called Voyager.

First of all, at the bottom of the main page there will be 5 buttons that refer to as many sections: Homepropose content that you consider important for the user and his network; Myself will allow you to enter more details about yourself and then the intuitive onesMessaging,My Network eSearch.

Voyager has been tested by all 4,000 employees of the company and according to Joff Redfern, LinkedIn?s vice president of product, actually "Something more like a new LinkedIn idea than a new app".Confirms to CNet the CEO, Jeff Weiner: "When we thought about reviewing our main app, we wondered what we would have done if we could start over from scratch". This is why the app is focused on a few things, but done well: simpler, more personalized, more responsive.

More than one hundred functions were contemplated before reaching the current ones: first the skimming up to ten, then the choice for only five.


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