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Update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies

Whenever I do a firmware update on my new phone, I spend hours fiddling with the device learning all the new features and features recently released and the improved default applications. It's like having a new device. This is the reason why we are impatient to install the latest firmware on the device.

Many firmware updates on Android devices are downloaded via the cloud (OTA updates), but it often happens that this may be available in your country after a long time. If your Samsung phone has not yet received it, then the official Samsung Kies software is the best solution. Kies allows you to download the new firmware manually and experience a preview of the news of the new version of the operating system.

Samsung has released this official software to manually download and install updates on their devices, called Samsung Kies. This useful tool not only allows you to update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies, but also backs up and restores data. In practice, it simplifies most of the important processes on your phone.

very easy to update the phone firmware: follow this guide to see exactly how to update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies.

How to update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies: 6 simple steps

  1. First you need to download and install Samsung Kies from the official website on your Windows or Mac PC. Once installed, start the software.Update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies 1
  2. Connect the Samsung device to the PC using the USB cable.Update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies 2
  3. Before performing an update, it is advisable to backup the data contained on the device.
  4. Take ten minutes and do it now! Save all your photos and videos before updating the firmware with Kies.
  5. The device appears in the upper left side of the window. Click on the device name (e.g. GT-I9000) in "Connected devices". Click on the "Basic information?, A new window will appear on the right of the Kies box.
  6. Look for the card ?Firmware information?- if there are new updates available, the message?New firmware available". If it appears, press the "Firmware update". A new window will appear. The process will take you through several stages: Download> Update> Complete.
  7. At the end of the process, the device will restart. Click on ?OK?On the message displayed in Samsung Kies. now you can disconnect your device from your PC.

This is all there is to do! Follow these simple steps and you will have no problem updating Samsung firmware using Kies.

To check if the process has been carried out correctly, you can go to Settings -> About phone and view the latest Android version.

One last thing.Keep in mind that not all Samsung Kies updates are released at the same time due to the significant number of devices to be updated. Once you feel that a new firmware is about to be released, check Kies every now and then to see if your device's firmware is available.

If you don't want to wait for the release of the version of your country or your operator, you can also install the official firmware using Odin. This is not the official way to do it, but our guide will help you update your device without any problems.