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Underground, the free app store for Amazon and Android

With Underground Amazon offers free apps and games: developers are paid based on usage

amazon underground

According to the latest research by the Polytechnic University of Milan's Mobile Economy Observatory, 71% of Italians download only free applications and 27% prefer free ones, but every now and then they buy some for a fee; other interesting data on use: we have on average 28 applications installed on tablets and 32 on smartphones, but we don't use 4 or 5 a day. And of the total, a good portion is used only once or twice.

To target precisely 99% of the public interested above all, if not only, in the free apps, Amazon has launched Underground on its tablets and also on Android smartphones and tablets: already present in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany since the end of summer , the store offers completely free and verified content. In this way, Amazon also manages to perform the quality control that Google Play has always lacked, offering itself as the best environment in which to search for titles for entertainment.

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Inside Underground there are games and applications that are normally paid for, but which are offered here without initial costs, without necessary in-app purchases and preferably without advertising banners: removal is requested, but not mandatory. In exchange, Amazon pays developers $ 0.002 cents per minute of actual use of the app– which must therefore be in the foreground, not open in the background. Much? Shortly? Do you think that Rovio has so far gained triple with the apps published in Underground compared to those in the classic stores.

Where's the trick? Underground to all intents and purposes a section of the Amazon store: by offering free content, Seattlesperano to attract consumers to their portal, to make them spend money in other departments, also by suggesting the purchase of gadgets and accessories based on the chosen apps. But, since Googlen does not allow services to offer apps or games within them, Undergroundva downloaded and installed directly from the Amazon site.


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