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Today a special update of the Apple CPUs?

Today a special update of the Apple CPUs? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Last week we had anticipated that January 16 would be a special day for Apple users who want to renew their fleet: a public revelation in a "private" context of an important European Apple executive worthy of faith brought us back the willingness to Cupertino to give maximum prominence to the presentation of iPhone and AppleTV leaving behind the introduction of new CPUs that would represent what has always been called as "speed bump": in practice an update of the processors used to increase the performance of the machines.

The timing of the announcements coincides as for some months now with the availability by Intel of new and more powerful CPUs that can be mounted without problems in the slot of the machines of the current series or on updated machines in the motherboard.

The main candidates are, given the ease of implementation, the Mac mini models that could earn Core 2 Duo, iMac with Quad processors and also MacPro that could reach 8 Xeon cores on a single machine: in recent days Intel has presented its CPUs.

A MacBook Pro with Quad processor is less likely but also for this reason the announced availability of a version for laptops could induce Apple to shortly present a superpontent model perhaps based on the 17 ? form factor, the most suitable for hosting more powerful processors for its higher heat dissipation capabilities.

Hard to say if there will also be news in the software field, the possible launch of an iLife 07 suite could be postponed to coincide with the launch of Leopard in the spring.

The possible announcement should take place in the very early afternoon of today. We will keep the monitored situation to let you have the relative news immediately.

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