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The best apps to study better

By now the summer has come to an end, bringing with it the last days of holidays. With the end of the summer, thousands of students throughout Italy are preparing for the fateful return to school to face a new school year. But if you are one of these students, relax, if you have a smartphone, there is a way to better meet the new school year. In fact, I offer you some applications for Android and iOS smartphones that could facilitate your school life. Read on because you can discover some interesting ones app to study better.

The best apps to study better: Android and iOS

We have decided to collect in this guide the most useful apps to study better, which could give support to all high school students, helping them in school organization and study. These are very simple apps, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and downloadable from their respective stores. Let's find out together.

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The first app that we recommend without any doubt This is the application par excellence for those who study, which can contain very useful material for all students of middle and high schools and also for university students. The app totally free and available for Android and iOS.

Class schedule

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Another very useful app for all students. Lesson timetable. It is an application that does exactly what it promises in the title: it keeps track of the lesson timetable and warns when a certain lesson is starting. Again, the app is totally free and available for Android and iOS.


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Photomath could be the dream app for all students who don't like math. It is, in fact, an application that allows you to solve equations and mathematical operations simply by taking a picture of us, also showing us the various steps to get to the solution. Also in this case the app totally free and available for Android for iOS.

Petrini Latin Verbs

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For those who do not like Latin, there is an app that helps you learn Latin verbs in a very simple way. It contains more than 10,000 verbs and 6,000 quizzes for tutorials. The app is totally free and available for iOS.


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Finally, we cannot fail to recommend the most complete dictionary app in the world. Italian, English, Spanish, French and 11 other languages. It also includes medical, legal and other specialty dictionaries, as well as multiple encyclopedias and dictionaries of synonyms and antonyms. As with all the others, also in this case the app is completely free and available for iOS