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The app that brings visually impaired people to the cinema

A Turkish company has just made an audio service that integrates the content of films available to people with great visual disabilities. See how it works in this video

The Turkish telephone company Turkcell has just launched its new one app: a very simple system to improve the experience of watching a movie at cinema even for people with big poor eyesight. How does it work?

Just open it on your own smartphone before staging and wearing a pair of earphones: at that point the audio description of all the scenes starts silent of the film, those that otherwise could not be understood by those who do not see well, and that in this way are recovered.

A big obstacle that goes away thanks to a service that free and which, according to the company, it could achieve 800 thousand people within the next year only in Turkey. In video, the debut of the app in theaters.

(Credits: Reuters)


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