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Telegram, the supergroups of a thousand people arrive

The multiple chats, in comparison, will be a breeze: here are the groups of a thousand participants


So, think of a group chat. Multiply it. Multiply it a lot. Fear, huh? Well, now you are almost close to the reality of the new Telegram update, which invented the "Supergroups" of 1000 participants.

in supergroups, which will presumably become the instant and most irritating version of the invitations to Facebook events, the admin will be able to gain control of the functions. News that will also affect chats with fewer participants: all participants will always have the same control options, but the administrator can decide to reserve them for themselves (or only to some components).

Users who access Supergroups later will be able to retrieve the chat history (unmissable), while deleted messages will be invisible to everyone. The default setting of notifications is deactivated. Finally, each member has the right to delete only the messages of which they are the author.

Two other novelties will be the in-app notifications for iOS users, and the quick channel sharing menu, for Android. Good luck.


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