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Swarm, check-in coins become virtual currency

The social network thinks of a new way to entice users: with the coins earned, you can buy in-app stickers


It will also be true that it is better to live with remorse than with regrets, but we can swear that at home Foursquare someone think, for a long time, who did it to split the app they had created in two. Since the social network for geolocation has decided to outsource the check-in and interaction with friends and contacts to Swarm, it has spent time trying to understand how to recapture its users.

After restoring the mayors (which, let's say, the funniest part of the game) and also allowing non-members to access the service, now try a new card: the coins (coins) accumulated thanks to the check-ins will be used to buy new stickers within the app. By using the stickers you will earn more points, to climb the ranking with your friends.

It is not said that this new invention will favor the results hoped for by the company, which will more likely derive greater satisfaction from other partnerships, such as the one with Google Nowo with Twitter.


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