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Sundance / Apple Agreement: short films on the iTunes Store

Unlike Italy, it cannot be said that the American public can complain about the offer of films available on iTunes. After the agreement with Paramount announced during the MWSF 2007, a further agreement is now coming to reinvigorate the iTunes catalog, this time with the Sundance Film Festival which will be held towards the end of January.

For the uninitiated, the Sundance Film Festival is an important event dedicated to independent American and international cinema. This year, thanks to the agreement with Apple, it will be possible to purchase the short films presented, directly on the iTunes Store, at a price of 1.99 Dollars each.

Previously available some shorts of Pixar and Magnolia, certainly the initiative aims on the one hand to fatten the iTunes offering, on the other hand to give a push to (and generate greater interest in) a sector of the film market, that of shorts, which has never had great popularity and diffusion.

That iTunes can create a new niche in which even budding directors can find a space dedicated to them? This hypothesis is certainly not to be excluded, at least as regards the markets where the iTunes Store already has a section dedicated to films: in Italy we will still have to wait.