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Shazam recognizes songs faster

More information about the artists and faster recognition: the app tries to keep users close even after providing them with the information on the requested song


Shazam has put the turbo on: the most famous app for recognizing songs for some time has been looking for new solutions to make sure that users not only discover songs thanks to the software, but that then also remain within the app, without abandoning it to go and enjoy music elsewhere.

The novelty lies in the greater speed with which the system can identify the requested song. "Our research team works continuously to improve our recognition technology, and the latest version significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get a result, making the Shazam experience faster than ever."Said Charles Henrich, Chief Technology Officer.

The update contains for other news: more information related to the artist (such as videos and main albums), precisely in line with the attempt to navigate users within the application. Shazam also announces the presence of 600 verified artist profiles on its platform, which have reached 2 billion followers.


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