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SafeBeyond, the app that sends messages from the world of the dead

This is yet another attempt to plan happy birthday wishes and various files for your loved ones when you are no longer there. Personally, just writing about it makes me shiver

Image 2"Life continues when you pass away?Says the claim on the home page. really cos? From a technological point of view s. Because in a world where everything programmable, you can make sure to leave a considerable trace of yourself, even after you have completely disconnected, in the form of videos intended for grandchildren you will never see, greeting messages for birthdays of friends who you will not be able to celebrate etc.

SafeBeyond therefore the app that makes you interact even when dead. You download it and you have the opportunity to put together text messages, photos and videos and send them to the world of the living when you have left this land. The service available on Android and was created by Moran Zurwho lost his father to cancer and then his wife for the same reason. Before his wife died, he was worried that their three-year-old son would never get to know her, so he quit his job and founded SafeBeyond.

I was really worried about the thought that she might lose her mother and the chance to meet her, and she really is a fantastic person. I was afraid that if I hadn't done something to change the situation, he would never have had a chance to get to know themto. Zur said. On SafeBeyond users with free accounts have 1 GB per month for future messages, and they can store in them the congratulations and best wishes for future birthdays, weddings and graduations in which they will not participate.

It works like this, you record everything and after your death your loved ones come into action, who can put on the agenda and schedule the dates for sending messages and videos at the right time. Obviously if you die and your son is three years old you cannot predict what will be his wedding or graduation day. In the app, you can also keep your passwords and your account details and pass them on to the people who deserve it when you last logged off. And if you think you really have many things to say to posterity, you can buy the 30 GB package per month.

This app reminds me of the film My Life. The protagonist Michael Keaton left messages on video to his newborn son. He would die of an incurable disease shortly thereafter, and in those long tapes he would explain to him how long cook the pasta when he would go to college and how to recognize the woman in his life.

something that likewise makes me cry, smile and puts me on a fucking fear. It seems wrong to me that on the day of your graduation you get a text message from Mom, who died when you were in swaddling clothes, with her good wishes. What if I changed my number in the meantime? What if in twenty years the technology had evolved and this app could no longer work? My life a 1993 film, a year in which it was perfectly plausible to leave a supply of vhs to a young son, but let's be honest, today where could we see those tapes? Does anyone still have a live video recorder? I am happy that if someone has such a great desire to continue being there they can do it. But I don't like the idea. The realm of death and life must be separated.

I think exactly like Woody Allen: I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.


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