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ProPack for Poser

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A Californian company, the "Curious Labs", has announced that in mid January of next year (probably on the occasion of MacWorld) "Poser ProPack" will be available, a series of tools that will delight the users of the animation package of 3D characters "Poser". "Pro Pack" a collection that will allow you to equip the package with new features such as the ability to animate characters using Newtek's LightWave and Discreet's 3D Studio Max, two of the most used and most powerful 3D graphics applications currently available. ProPack will be possible to add animated characters to the Web and other interactive projects by exporting them in Viewpoint Media Player format for 3D and Macromedia Flash for 2D. Among other features made available: motion blur effects, panels with multiple points of view, the possibility to specify parameters for the animation of materials, the compression of the contents, and the support for the scripting language "Python". The package will cost $ 149 and will be available in the Macintosh version and in the Windows version. (Edited by Newton)

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