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P4 versus G4, now it's pain

P4 versus G4, now they are pains Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The starting point is offered by the German website of the MacWelt magazine which has made some comparative tests between the new Pentium 4 (codename Willamette) and "our" PowerPC 7400 (ie the G4). The characteristics of the Intel processor take advantage of Some important values, among which an impressive 400 MHz system bus stands out. Pentium 4 seems to be a good processor but, compared to AMD's competitor Athlon @ 1200 MHz, it loses in the PCWorldBench 180 to 162 (even the Gateway Performance 1000 with Pentium III reaches 167 points), while with the tests 2D Benchmarks on Win 2000 Pentium 4 reaches 210 and Athlon 233 SysMark; but our most loyal readers will remember some articles on the Athlon issue, one of the first, this and the most recent, this other.But let's go back to the comparison with the G4: among the various tests the one that most lands , with a very hard KO the Motorola PowerPC, is the raytracing calculation in the Cinema 4D application with i CineBench2000 (which are even optimized for the AltiVec technology that the G4 boasts with certain applications), the Pentium 4 @ 1600 MHz (overclocked by MacWelt on occasion, for reasons unknown to us) beats the G4 @ 450 MHz by almost three times with 14.47 at 5.94, while the double G4 @ 450 MHz processor reaches no more than 11.13.It is even worse with Unreal Tournament where the frames per second of the 800 × 600 and 32 bit software rendering spread the "now retrained" G4 which does not reach 10 (9.59) while the Pentium has already made "4 laps of the track" reaching 42.20. With a resolution of 1024 × 768 at 32 bit the Pentium 4 produces 30.47 fps and the G4 6.47. Important however to note that the PC with the Pentium takes advantage (and not a little) of the graphics card: a GeForce2-GTS (32 Mb VRam and AGP at 4x), while the one on the Mac is the ATI Rage Pro 128 (16 Mb VRam and AGP at 2x). These two tests we will probably never see in a MacWorld Expo. We begin to "react" with Photoshop 5.5 where some calculations (21 actions) take place on Pentium 4 (without SSE 2 accelerator) in 118 seconds and on the G4 in 127 or 117 or 108 seconds (127 seconds without AltiVec and only one G4, 117 seconds with AltiVec enabled but still with only one G4 and finally 108 seconds with AltiVec and 2 G4 processors). A test that makes us a little proud the cracking code (RSA) based on RC5, the Pentium 4 (client not optimized, NT v.2.8010.463b) "opens" 2.09 million keys per second (Athlon exceeds 3 million) while the G4 (Dnect3-client v.2.8010.462) already with a single processor reaches 4.06 million keys but with two processors we forget Intel with 7.58 c hiavi. Will we see him in three weeks at MacWorld in San Francisco? Recall that the news of Linux weighs on the misadventures of Pentium 4, prices a bit too high but in the process of falling and also the ill-concealed incompatibilities of many motherboards not correctly enabled to use of the new Intel processor.

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