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Numark iDj2 for iPod: definitive mixer for "digital" jockey

With the widespread diffusion of digital music, a small revolution is also taking place in the disc jockey environment. Already the transition from vinyl to CD had made life difficult for DJs used to frantic scratching. Already the CD had in a certain sense complicated things, not being able to physically touch the support by hand and limiting the possibilities of the "vinyl-maniacs".

Once again the iPod to be part of a possible solution, as demonstrated by products such as the Numark iDj2, mixer designed specifically for the Cupertino player. Once you have inserted your iPod in the base dock in the center of the mixer, it will be possible to "scratch", mix the songs, perform continuous loops and manage the peaks, in addition to keeping the Apple player in charge.

There is also a tribanda equalizer for each channel. Of course, physical scratching will not be possible, but we can safely say that nostalgia for vinyl will be adequately compensated by the features introduced with digitalization.

The system allows you to play two songs simultaneously from the same iPod, without the aid of a computer; in addition, it is possible to connect other data storage devices via USB, such as other iPods, mp3 players, Memory Sticks and external units. Various audio formats such as mp3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and AAC (DRM-free) are compatible. There is also a line-in, to connect other audio sources, such as CD players, turntables or even a microphone.

At the center there is a liquid crystal screen from which you can manage the available music library and view a graph of the frequencies of the songs, to keep the music under control. Finally, here is the recording mode, which allows you to capture your performances by recording them directly on iPod or other connected storage devices.

The iDJ2 was announced about a year ago, but only recently has it been officially presented by Numark. The price to the public in Italy is around 699 Euros. Numark products are distributed in Italy by Esound.