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Microsoft updates Whiteboard for iOS with several new features and improvements

Microsoft has released a new update of its app in the past few hours Whiteboard for iPhone and iPad. This update, marked with build 19.11125.0, incorporates updates that will allow you to better manage pen input.

This is the complete changelog:

? Make the code colors stand out using the color selector of the pen input. Select the pen input and click the color palette button to change the color of the pen input.
 ? The minimum pen size is now thinner, making it easier to write small text.
 ? The size of the highlighter is now thicker, making it easier to highlight notes.
 ? Improvements to the beautification of the input pen for several languages, including German, Spanish and Dutch.
 ? Other bug fixes and improvements.

Based on user feedback, then Microsoft made changes to the pen size, now smaller and thinner, which allows for better writing. In contrast, those of the highlighter have been increased.

There is no shortage of classic bug fixes and various minor improvements. Microsoft Whiteboard is available for free on the App Store. The app, remember, offers "an intelligent design area where teams can design, create and collaborate in the cloud".