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LaCie grows its range

LaCie grows its range logomacitynet1200wide 1

LaCie has been on the Apple market for some years now, first with hard drives and burners, then with 19-inch monitors, very popular in the graphic environment, finally with Poket Drive, small HD firewire and USB. On the occasion of MacWorld there will be a renewal of the entire production line, with evolutions of existing products and introduction of new ones. First of all, a brand new 18-inch LCD monitor will appear, expressly designed for all graphic environments, already accustomed to the quality of LaCie products. To enrich the poket drive line, however, there will be a portable burner, naturally with both FireWire and USB interfaces. Furthermore, we will find a new external FireWire burner with 16x10x40 mechanics, hard drives up to 147 Gb of capacity, 4.7 / 9.4GB DVD-RAM and new Raid solutions. As usual, our editorial staff will be in place and you will find on these major pages product information and photographs.

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