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Jobs: in iPhone only our software

Jobs: only our software on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone will not be open to third party software. What during the Macworld had been mentioned from many sides became official with some interviews released Steve Jobs on the sidelines of the Mac fair in San Francisco.

The clearest in this regard was issued by the New York Times to which Jobs informs that the iPhone is not a PC and since it is not a PC it must not be open to other applications. We 'says jobs' have defined everything there is on the iPhone. What we did was rethink the cell phone. You have to look at it as you look at an iPod rather than a computer. '

The reason, according to Jobs, is simple: 'this device must always work. And this is not possible if you load all sorts of software into it. "

The same concept reiterated to Msnbc. ?We built the phone exactly how we wanted it to be, so we had to check the contents. The cell phone must work when needed. In addition, Cingular, which has bet heavily on us, the last thing he would like to see fall across his network on the west coast just because some apps went haywire. " Among the events that Apple wants to also prevent the mobile phone from being filled to the brim by applications of all kinds and slow down until it is no longer usable.

But all this does not mean, at least according to Jobs, that it will not be possible to purchase additional applications. What Apple plans to do, explains its CEO, simply have tight control over them. This means that their operation and structure will most likely have to be approved directly by Apple and that they will most likely be sold through the iTunes store.

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