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IPhones 11 will support camera accessories via the MFi program

Apple's iPhone 11s may soon support new photographic accessories, which connect via Lightning connector, made to specifications shared in the licensing program Made-for-iPhone (MFi).

Based on these specifications, new types of accessories could be made, such as a battery cover with a built-in flash, which is connected via the Lightning port. The new specifications will allow the accessory flash to synchronize with the one integrated in the iPhone and to transmit the synchronization signal wirelessly to additional accessories.

At the moment, there are iPhone accessories with integrated flash but they all use Bluetooth for connectivity and are not made according to the MFi program.

Support for these specifications is currently available as a developer preview and only supports the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Being a developer preview, Apple still does not allow manufacturers to release licensed MFi accessories that use these features, but provides specifications to begin development.