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iPhone, Apple lawyers already working against those who clone icons

iPhone, Apple lawyers already working against those who clone icons logomacitynet1200wide 1

The sites that have made iPhone-inspired skins available, can expect a letter from Apple lawyers. The first missives started already during the expo and to receive them were important realities such as Brighthand and Xda-deelopers.

The message pointed out that Apple believed an infringement of copyright and that as a result of this the icons and screens had to be removed. But Apple did not limit itself to this, but also hit some sites that have limited themselves to publishing screens of skins.

'We appreciate your interest in the iPhone' says the letter sent to news sites that have presented links and JPG of the skins' but since the images are owned by Apple, we ask you to remove the screen shots and links to the sites that facilitate the 'installation on PocketPc devices and to avoid the spread of copyrighted material in the future'.

The stance is raising concerns among bloggers and industry watchers. Many wonder if Apple has not exaggerated in hitting, in addition to the authors of the skin (which could be understandable) also the sites that reported the news of their existence.

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