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iPhone already delivered: here are the pictures (or not?)

iPhone already delivered: here are the pictures (or not?) logomacitynet1200wide 1

The news initially appeared on some websites of fans of the US apple is incredible. Almost six months after the launch date and with the presentation just finished, only one lucky American could get his hands on the first iPhone unit delivered!

To share the joy of this unexpected gift with the whole world, the lucky first owner took a complete series of photographs to publish them on the Web, including the opening sequence of the package, as well as the comparison with other smartphones in his possession. The ending in which all the previous models of smartphones and smart terminals are thrown into the trash can be witty, without any apparent mercy, now become ugly and useless after the arrival of the iPhone.

We invite all readers who have any doubts about the truthfulness of the news to visit the Gizmodo website as soon as possible, where the answer to some fundamental questions can be found:

the "fantastic" first iPhone unit delivered is nothing more than a paper model made in PDF file, ready to be printed in color, cut out and assembled in the best way.

Only the credible packaging, the manuals and even rather plausible supports and packaging that the author of iPhoneunboxed personally created is missing! (Edited by L. M. Grandi)

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