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Instagram brings a fake 3D Touch to Android

3D Touch is no longer needed to activate Instagram shortcuts hitherto reserved for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users. Long press only


Apple's 3D Touch is also beginning to influence the universe of Android smartphones. The function introduced by the Cupertino house in its latest iPhones provides that by touching the display with a certain force, shortcuts and additional features are activated within the operating system and compatible apps. Well, the Instagram developers are thinking of exploiting the idea even outside the Apple ecosystem.

As revealed by Android Police, the latest version of the Instagram app for Android in fact boasts the same identical functionality as the iOS counterpart, with one difference: since the smartphones of the green robot have no way of understanding how strongly they interact with their screen, to unlock the same shortcuts use simply long press. The method does not give efficient and instant results like 3D Touch, but it also allows you to get a preview of the most interesting images simply by swiping over it with your finger. The app update was released yesterday for a few hours, before a sudden stop by the developers. The functionality is probably still being tested and will be reintroduced in a future update.


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