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How to get around Factory Reset Protection on Samsung

Samsung and Google have taken the issue of security and privacy seriously. They are in fact taking the right measures to protect users' personal data. Most of us satisfied with the security procedures, but at the same time very annoying when your device locked and you are unable to log in due to the FRP lock. In these cases it is better to know the procedure for bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung.

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google introduced the Factory Reset Protection to protect the device and personal data. So, for example, if you have lost your device and someone tries to reset it to factory settings without your permissions and you have enabled Factory Reset Protection, Google will ask for the account credentials used to set up your Google account.

Old Samsung devices such as Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 and so on did not have this functionality. But on newer devices like Galaxy J5, J7, Note 5, S6, S7 and S8 active. If your device is reset to factory settings using recovery, make sure your phone is locked unless you provide the right credentials for verifying your Google account.

In most cases, users forget their email address or password and are stuck on the Google verification screen. If this is your situation, you do not have to worry because in these cases there is a solution to get around Factory Reset Protection on Samsung.

An anonymous developer has released an app that aims to help pass the Google account verification phase and delete all data to allow access to Samsung Galaxy devices. By continuing to read this guide, you will find the method to circumvent Factory Reset Protection on Samsung.bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung 1

How to get around Factory Reset Protection on Samsung

Before starting the procedure, these are the pre-requisites:

  • you need to use a PC with Windows installed.
  • A Wi-Fi connection required.
  • A SIM card must be inserted in the smartphone.
  • Download the FRP bypass tool to your PC. Extract the contents of the archive you just downloaded. You will end up with a folder

NOTE:If you encounter errors while running the guide and you have installed Android 7 Nougat on the device, before attempting again, install Android 6. The procedure for installing another version of the operating system can be performed even if the smartphone is blocked . Just use the Odin tool and the official Samsung ROM. Find more details in our dedicated guide on how to update Samsung firmware with Odin.

At this point you are ready to proceed with the guide. Be careful to scrupulously follow each step.

  • When you switch on your Samsung smartphone, following the configuration guide, connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Continue with the configuration of the device until you are asked to enter your Google account credentials.
  • Connect the Samsung smartphone to the PC.
  • Open the foldervnROM.netand extract the contents of the archiveTOOL Samsung 2016 FRP.rar.
  • Open the folder you just extracted and start the programSamsung 2016 FRP.
  • A window like the one below will open. Select the buttonScan port.

bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung 1

  • When the writing appears at the bottom of the screenPort Ready!, from the drop-down menu alongside the voice COM PORTselect the doorCOMx, where instead of thex the port number assigned to your mobile phone will be present.
  • From the drop down menuBaud Rateselect instead9600.
  • At this point click onOpen Port. If everything has been done correctly, a blue rectangle will appear in the lower right corner.
  • Now click the buttonDial. A call will be sent to your smartphone.
  • Click on the red button to end the call. A screen will open containing a series of actions you could do. Select the buttonMessage.
  • The messaging application on your phone will open. Type the following message and then press the buttonSubmit:
  • The message will be sent and you will see it in your message history. The link can be clicked. Select it with your finger and you will see that it will open in the browser of the Samsung device. At the top right select the buttonOTHER and thenOpen in the browser. If you are asked which browser you wish to open the link with, selectInternet.
  • Select the linkFPR Bypass.apk. The download of the linked file will start automatically.
  • Do the same thing with the linkAndroid 6 GAM.apk.
  • Now click on the iconBookmarks at the bottom of the browser and then access the tabChronology.
  • In this screen you have to click on the button to access the download history.
  • You will see the two applications you just downloaded. Click onFPR_Bypass.apk.
  • Start the installation process. You will be reminded that you cannot install applications outside the Play Store. Click onSettings and enable the voiceUnknown sources. Once done, you can complete the installation of the app.
  • At the end of the installation click onYou open. An error message will appear and you will be returned to the previous screen.
  • Now click onAndroid_6_GAM.apk and install the app as done previously.
  • At the end of the installation, select the buttonend.
  • Please select againFPR_Bypass.apkand start the installation. At the end click on the buttonYou open. This time, no error message will appear and the application will open.
  • You will be asked to enter a password. Click on the three-dot button located at the top right and then select the only button present. Click onOK and you will see a browser screen open with the page to enter your Google credentials.
  • Enter any Google Account email and password. It doesn't necessarily have to be the account that's locking your Samsung device. Log in and wait for the operation to be successful.

At this point you just have to restart the smartphone by holding down the buttonPower. The next time you turn it on you will be asked to run the setup wizard.

The Google account insertion step will be skipped and you will be able to use your smartphone normally thanks to this method to get around Factory Reset Protection on Samsung.

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