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How secure is your password? Check with this test!

In the digital world, security regarding the protection of private data is always a very important aspect and unfortunately we often hear news about data theft and identity theft most of the time for criminal purposes.

One thing that is often underestimated is that of use A good password that it is difficult to guess or calculate. In fact, many times passwords are used which, also thanks to the computing power of today's computers, are somewhat simple to guess.

Is your password safe?

Thanks to the site that I propose you can see if your password is secure enough.With HowSecureIsMyPassword you will know how long it takes to find your password with a desktop computer today.

just write your password in the appropriate field and immediately enough time will be displayed to calculate your password, the site in English but so simple that even those who do not know much English can use it.

If by chance it appears that it takes little time to find your password perhaps it would be advisable to change it to something more complicated.

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a password, here are some tips.

How to choose a good password

Avoid using:

  • Your name
  • The name of your spouse
  • The name of your pet
  • The name of your son
  • The names of close friends or work colleagues
  • The names of your favorite fantastic characters
  • The name of your boss
  • Any name
  • The name of the operating system you are using
  • The hostname of your computer
  • Your phone number
  • The license plate of your car
  • Any part of the code of your health card or the tax code
  • Any birthday date
  • Any personal information that can be easily found
  • Common words
  • Any username on the computer in any form (with capital letters, etc.)
  • Words in the English vocabulary
  • Words present in foreign vocabularies
  • A proper name
  • Password with all letters equal
  • Common sequences of keyboard letters (for example: qwerty, asdfg, 12345, etc.)
  • Any of the previous things written the other way round
  • Any of the preceding things preceded or followed by a number

A good password must:

  • Have both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Have numbers and punctuation characters along with the letters
  • Be easy to remember so you don't have to be written somewhere
  • Be at least 7 or 8 characters long, although recommended to make it at least 14 characters long
  • Being able to be typed quickly so that someone cannot see what we write

It would be appropriate to use one different password for each registration on the various sites, so that if someone accidentally steals passwords on one site, their data on other sites are safe. To check stolen passwords, read the article: how to check if accounts or passwords have been stolen.

There are other valid services that they offer the service for test the security of your password, among which we recommend:

To test your password, simply enter it in the password field and the will be displayed instantly degree of security of your password.

It must be said that anyway useless to use password which are believed to be super sure if one's computer virus infected, Trojans or other malware that could put your data at risk, so in addition to using complex passwords, it is advisable, if not mandatory, install a good antivirus and an anti-malware program and that they are always up to date with the latest virus and malware definitions.

If you are looking for an antivirus you can try one of these: The Best Free Antivirus in Italian.