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Happy birthday AAPL (you really need it)!

Happy birthday AAPL (you really need it)! logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Nasdaq Stock Market is 29 years old, the AAPL title (which corresponds to Apple) has blown out 20 candles in recent days. For about a year now, the Nasdaq has had an amazing technological "showcase" (it could not be otherwise!) In Times Square in New York where an immense "Market Site Tower" display panel animates the names and shares of the securities that are traded daily in the "big apple" technology market. For a special event such as that of the twenty years of AAPL, this façade of the magic palace showed the millions of passers-by (but also all those who connect daily via web streaming) of the most famous square-intersection in the world, the wishes of the Nasdaq. Just yesterday closed at just over 14 dollars, a real earthquake if you think that in March it reached the all-time high with 150 dollars ($ 75 post split). As can be seen in the graph below, after a very long period without infamy and without praise, the value of AAPL has resumed the ascent, at a time coinciding with the growth of the American stock exchanges in recent years, but, also and above all, with the return of Steve Jobs to the throne of Cupertino and the launch of the iMac. The analysis of the title was made often on these pages (here, the last article) and today there is little to add, if not wait for the events that we hope all full-bodied during the MacWorld of San Francisco in three weeks .

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