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Google Now doesn't like to joke

Science not yet able to provide personality to voice assistants: for this reason Google has decided not to use irony for its voice assistant

google microphone

Most of the satisfactions, Siri gives them by providing ironic answers to existential problems. Everyone's message boards have hosted screenshots of the iOS voice assistant that answers questions like "What are you doing on New Year's Eve?", "Do you believe in God?", "Do you have a boyfriend?", "Do you love me?" And hundreds of insults , also.

Well, Googleinvece has decided that with his voice assistant, he doesn't mess around at all. Amit Singhal, VP of Google, explained that allowing ironic answers to your voice assistant would give users the idea of a personality that, simply, this technology is not yet able to have:"I am not saying that sooner or later I will not have it, but that science is now unable to guarantee it completely", he told the Time Singhal, pointing out that even playing with questions amuses a day or two, and that's enough. So better think about the real functions that a voice assistant can guarantee, and not get lost in jokes.

The work to make Google Now more capable of understanding complex sense phrases, one of the company's priorities, also because the public strongly asks for more solutions so as not to have to search for information via the desktop. And if none of the native voice assistants were comfortable with it, here are some good alternatives.


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