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Goodbye Think Different?

Goodbye Think Different? logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to many observers, by now certain, the MacWorld of San Francisco will be marked, in addition to new products, also by the attempt to revive the image of Apple. The prestige of the Cupertino company was marred by the hammering of the media, which with little optimistic articles brought little benefit to the prestige of the brand. Effect of the negative tax results, but also from the progressive weakening of the response of the "Think Different" campaign. Despite the great success of the slogan and despite the fact that still today many (including "our" Omnitel) are inspired by that series of commercials and of announcements, it is clear that the incisiveness of the message is now decidedly weaker than it was in the first months of the launch. At the same time, criticisms of Cupertino's new announcements, spots and advertisements have risen from many parts of the world. The base of the most loyal Apple users who believe that it is time to make a change to bring a clearer and more diversified message than what Apple has launched in recent months has turned up the nose especially. Criticisms are focused, in particular on "globalization" "Of the commercials, all the same all over the world (the one that" works "in the USA not necessarily affecting all the markets of the world) but also on the coldness of some of them, sophisticated but at the same time impersonal and not able to hit the imagination. Hence, according to some sources, Apple's decision to make a radical change in advertising. The marketing managers of Cupertino would therefore have started a close comparison with TWBA Chiat / Day, the company that takes care of advertising for Apple products with the aim of building a series of advertising messages with a different look and feel than those we are used to without excluding the retirement of "Think Different". The opportunity would also have been offered by the changes that have taken place in the last few months at TWBA which has left some key figures free, including Apple's advertising managers, at the moment difficult to say if they are simple rumors or news that have a foundation . What is certain that it does not seem foolish that Apple can choose to modify, after three years, the basic message of its advertising. It is more difficult for us to believe that Apple can overturn some of the guidelines to which the advertising campaigns have been subjected, in particular it does not seem credible to us that "Think Different", now a distinctive sign almost like the Apple, can be abandoned or relegated to past the strong centralization in the creativity of promotions. Too bad, because even if differentiation, perhaps even minimal, according to the markets could have beneficial effects.

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