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Game Boy iOS 10 emulator: the best ones to install

Did you experience childhood with the Game Boy, playing all the Pokmon titles released at the time and the role-playing games available for the Nintendo portable console? If you miss that kind of fun and want to replicate it on your iPhone or iPad, just install aGame Boy iOS 10 emulator. In this guide I will point out the two emulators that you can try on Apple devices to emulate the most famous portable console at the time.

I will show you both the download links and the installation guides available on the site in order to use the emulators correctly.

Game Boy iOS 10 emulator


Game Boy iOS 10 emulator

Most probably the most famous and appreciated Game Boy iOS 10 emulator! With this app you can emulate the Game Boy Advance, which at the time offered not bad performance and much more detailed graphics than its predecessors. With this emulator you can play all the Pokmon titles released for the portable console, as well as famous games like Zelda and Mario Bros. The practically perfect emulation, modern iPhones offer much more power than the real console so there is no performance problem .

You can download GBA4iOS for free from the following link.


If you do not know how to use the downloaded file and how to start the emulator on the iPhone or iPad, just read the following guide to start emulating the Game Boy games immediately.

Happy Chick

Game Boy iOS 10 emulator

Another Game Boy iOS 10 emulator you can try Happy Chick, an app that can emulate are only the main Game Boy but also other consoles such as MD, SFC (SNES), FC (NES), PSP, N64, NDS, PS1 and DC . With this emulator, therefore, the fun multiplies: in addition to emulating all the main Game Boy games, you can switch to SNES or NES games at any time, reaching the largest consoles for the time such as Nintendo64 and PlayStation. In this case too, the perfect emulation, all modern iPhones and iPads are able to easily handle the emulation of these games.

You can download the emulator for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Happy Chick

If you don't know how to install this app and how to use the games, I refer you to the dedicated guide available below.

Other guides

Do you use an Android smartphone and want a Game Boy emulator? You can try Happy Chick for Android, as described in the guide below.

Alternatively you can read the following guide to install a Game Boy emulator on Android devices.