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From the east the first iPhone clone

The first iPhone clone from the east | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Is the first iPhone clone being prepared in China? According to some sites, the doubts about it would be very few and to prove it presented, what at first glance seems to be actually an almost perfect copy, including icons, of Superino's mobile phone.

The idea of ??creating a phone with a touch-sensitive screen and no button would apparently be Meizu's name, not a new name for those who follow the tumultuous world of iPod "cloners". The Chinese company has in fact created a series of players for digital music and videos that are decidedly inspired by the Apple product, obtaining considerable success, to the point of having the first place in sales in the great Asian country.

Going back to the iPhone clone from sites like Vr-Zone, it appears to be smaller but with a higher resolution screen. Moultitouch technology (replaced by a simple touch screen system) and Wifi would be missing. The operating system would be a common Windows CE 6.0.

Some doubts arise when learning that the Chinese clone's name would be M8. We have read about a similar device with the Meizu brand for months, but in previous reports it was described not as a phone, but a simple iPod clone.

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