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Focus, the Firefox app that protects user data

Advertising, analytics, social media: the software that records data for these purposes will be blocked by the app, but only for Safari on iOS 9

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If you have the feeling of not having control of your data online, one of the ways to be more confident about the information that navigation provides companies with content blocker. ComeFocus By Firefox, the app launched by Mozilla for those who use Safari on iOS 9.

Focusconsente a privacy control, thanks to the blocking of tracker categories such as those used for ladvertising, for analytics and for social media. In practice, using this app, the same trackers will be blocked that are blocked by anonymous browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, based on Disconnect's open source blocklist. In addition, reduces data usage from mobile, blocking web fonts.

Attention, however, because for the moment Focus available only on Safari, not on Firefox for iOS. This is not Mozilla's choice, explains the company: Apple who has decided not to make content blocking available in third-party browsers on iOS.


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