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Take into account all the expenses and income of the family, draw up a real family budget, always have every aspect of appointments, contacts and things to do under control. Personal Business, the program for families and the management of their activities, is needed for this and much more. Present it Active Software of Gorizia, a company that has always stood out for its support to the Mac world that speaks our language. With the new software Active intends to help – the family says in a statement in the management of their expenses, allowing you to make projections on future expenses, and to manage bank accounts and credit cards. But Personal Business can take care of other aspects of family management and offers other interesting functions. Among these we mention the management of appointments, an index-directory of telephone numbers, archive of Internet sites with the name and password of access, financial calculations with investment management represented by graphs. The sale price of Lire 89,000 VAT Included for the boxed version and Lire 79,000 VAT included for the version downloaded from the site. On Mac requires Processor 68040 or later, 16Mb of free RAM, System 7 or later. A demo can also be downloaded from the Active website.

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