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Facebook dismantles the Creative Lab: Slingshot, Riff and Rooms close

The experimentation will continue in other ways: the Creative Labs experience ends, and with them the Riff, Slingshot and Rooms apps disappear

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Beautiful Creative Labs, but I wouldn't live there. After a couple of years, Facebook has decided to close the start-up initiativethat encouraged its employees to create new software. In fact, the greatest examples of those born from experience, very often inspired by ideas from hackathons, have not been brilliant.

One of the most famous apps that came out of Creative Labs was Slingshot, created to be put in open competition with Snapchat: a completely vain attempt.

Two other examples were Riff, an app for creating collaborative videos, and Rooms, for chats "rooms" in the smell of the nineties, with anonymity guarantee (in this case, the rival was the powerful YikYak). These three applications have been removed, and will end up by the wayside with Creative Labs, although some of their features have already been integrated into the main application. After all, this is what attempts are made for: what does not work as a stand-alone can at best be integrated into its strengths. According to CNet, Facebook will continue to encourage experimentation in other ways.

For now, the news aggregator seems to resist in the app Store.


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