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Elipson Planet wireless speaker: wireless class for Mac and iPod

Wireless speakers have always dissatisfied the acoustic needs of those who, in addition to freedom from cables, were looking for a hi-fi system worthy of the name. Till now.

Today it is possible to contact Elipson, more precisely to the Planet speakers, created in collaboration with Parrot, which promise to change any skeptic's mind towards wireless audio diffusion.

The Planet already impresses from the aesthetic side: the spherical shape dominates, with compact and round speakers, set and hidden in a lacquered black (or white) casing. A very refined design, which would not disfigure in the Bang & Olufsen catalog.

If the style promises well, the same for the technical specifications. The speakers incorporate Bluetooth 2.0 technology with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) module, which allows automatic synchronization of the speakers with each other. They are also equipped with both analog and digital line-in, which, combined with the A2DP Buetooth capabilities, allows connection not only to traditional analog sources, but also to digital devices equipped or equipped for wireless transmission, such as Mac, iPod (combined to a Bluetooth adapter), but also PCs, cell phones or other mp3 players.

You can enjoy your music through 60 W (estimated peak), magnetically shielded speakers. The speaker diameter of 29 cm, while the total weight of 6 kg.

The retail price of around 1000 Euros. To find out about any distributors or online stores, we recommend visiting the Elipson website.