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Disa unifies messaging services on Android

Do you use more than one Android messaging app to communicate with friends? If you use the most varied instant messaging services or social networks to chat, making it difficult to manage conversations, here you have found the right solution. Your friends could plan a dinner via SMS, send you the address of the restaurant on Facebook and update you on their position on WhatsApp. What I'm trying to tell you that I will need to open every single app to keep track of all messages. This message handling system will surely complicate your life. At this point you need something that unifies i messaging services in such a way as to simplify your life.

There are apps like Snowball is C-Notice which allow you to unify all the conversations present on the different messaging services but, in order to answer, the user forced to open the relevant app. Now with Disa, an app that unifies chat messaging services on Android, things have changed.

Disaintegrates several messaging services under one roof, allowing users to both read and reply to messages directly from Disa. At the moment, the Android messaging app integrated into Disa sono SMS, Facebook is Whatsapp, but you can search and install many other plugins through the Disa community such as Telegram or Google+.

Disa: unifies instant messaging services

After downloading and installing Disa, you will be asked to set the app as the default messaging service. Facebook and WhatsApp can be downloaded as additional plugins and account configuration needed before that Disa can start working. When you configure WhatsApp with Disa, the official WhatsApp app will stop working due to a signature verification error.messaging services 1

To compose a new message, just press the "+ Add service?And select the type of service with which you wish to communicate. When there are several conversations with a contact through different services, the app will allow you to unify the conversations so that you have everything in one view. Hold your finger on a conversation and select the button to merge to carry out the conversation. You can also select the default service you want to use when communicating with that person.messaging services 2

This is all. Every message from that particular contact, whether it occurs through Facebook or WhatsApp, will be shown in one conversation. It is also possible to see the attachments and media exchanged through the different services.

In the settings you can change different settings related to notifications, emojis, keyboards and much more.messaging services 3


Disa been in the Alpha phase for several years and is now released in the Beta phase on the Play Store. I have high hopes in the app and would like the developers to implement additional plugins and add new messaging services. If you use WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook Messenger, download Disa and try out all the potential of this app.