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Cupertino vs. Korea: the iPhone a clone of LG "Prada"?

To start the web tamtam this time it seems to have been the Engadget site, simply by publishing the photos side by side of the two devices, Apple iPhone and LG KE850 "Prada" and inviting visitors to post their comments.

Simple resemblance or cloning? The rounded corners, the elongated shape suitable for hosting the wide screen: the details that iPhone and LG Prada share are different. Above all the screen, a large and bright touch-sensitive LCD that completely replaces the traditional keyboard integrated in mobile phones.

Even the icons representing the main functions of the terminal, placed at the bottom of the screen, look similarly impressive in the iPhone and in the LG terminal, so as to generate some doubt even in the thoughts of the most faithful Mac followers.

LG prada

There is no need for a thorough investigation to know that within LG more than a few people believe that the two devices are very similar, surprisingly, perhaps even too much. Despite this, LG seems hesitant to immediately trigger a legal battle. At the time of writing, there are no news or press releases concerning complaints against Apple "From the first glance we noticed that iPhone shares several form factors with the Prada mobile phone. We are honored by the fact that other manufacturers imitate our design lines ". The comment released by LG spokesman Lee Hyoung-kun confirms that LG prefers to adopt a waiting policy, at least for the moment. LG Prada is expected to hit store shelves soon, while for Apple iPhone the wait will end only in June. Only then will it be possible to compare the two devices also from a functional and user interface point of view.

In the event that the similarities were not limited only to the external appearance and design or form factor choices, but also extended to the internal functioning, then and only then LG could proceed through legal channels against Apple. This at least as reported by some items on the web classified as "expert opinion".

Recall that LG KE850 "Prada" was shown to the public on the occasion of the winning of the International Forum Design Product Design Award 2007, which took place in December 2006. The so limited time allowed between the presentation of LG Prada and the presentation at Macworld of the first working prototypes of the iPhone lead to discard the cloning hypothesis by Cupertino.

On Youtube it is possible to see a movie showing the LG Prada mobile phone in operation: even if you draw the sums in the absence of the two devices, it is very likely that LG KE 850 integrates the functions of a traditional mobile phone, including the extras now standard in numerous terminals. Apple iPhone with its fusion of phone, iPod, email and Web, seasoned with the typical usability of Apple, aims to transform itself into a revolutionary pocket communication and entertainment device, therefore a concept and a product very different from a simple mobile phone. full screen with a particularly successful design.

[By L. M. Grandi]