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A double "brain", one compatible with today's 68k instructions and one that meets the standards in use by ARM, for Dragonball chips. The Illinois company yesterday announced the strategic turnaround during the opening day of the developer forum for Palm and follows the announcement of the past week of the purchase of some ARM technologies under license. fins, the only supplier today of all PalmOs-based devices, it is clear: convincing Palm to remain tied to its processors and not to pass weapons and baggage to the competition represented by ARM. "The use of two different" cores "(the part that takes care of the data processing in a chip) will allow us to have more flexibility and choice. The 68k core will maintain compatibility with the current code, the ARM core will allow developers to work on wireless applications, "said Ed Valdez, of Motorola's wireless sector. In the past few months Palm had explicitly stated that it looked with interest at ARM processors and to be interested in their use. The chips for integrated systems (which had also been used years ago by Apple in its Newtons), are considerably faster than the Dragonballs, so much so that in some models they reach 200 MHz. On the contrary, the Motorola chips have a peak of 33 MHz in the 68VZ328 model, but they are normally used at 20 MHz. The first examples of the new "hybrid" Dragonballs will only be released in the middle of next year and may appear in handhelds destined for the market at the end of 2001.

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